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Who is a volunteer?
Someone who gives a bit of his or her time, free of charge, to a cause, or an organization, or an event.
Being a volunteer is a state of mind. It can be something that we can do for an hour or two every week or month or it can be a one-time thing. It is something thoroughly enjoyable and fulfilling. With just a desire to make a difference, one can earn multi-fold credits from Allah Almightly.
Volunteers make a difference by simply being there and helping out cemetery management as and when a need arise.

Top reasons for being a volunteer whenever the opportunity arises.

  • It's a noble cause and an unique opportunity of unlimited rewards from Allah Almighty.
  • Learn new life skills.
  • You get some exercise.
  • You get to be around mature & motivated people.
  • You get a chance to meet people very different from yourself.
  • It provides a surge of positive energy.
  • It makes you feel more connected.
  • You learn to count your blessings.
  • You develop a problem-solving attitude.
  • A great team-building exercise.
  • Will boost your visibility.
  • Make meaningful community connections.
  • Saves community resources.
  • Strengthens community.
  • Promotes personal growth and self esteem.
  • A valuable chance to give back.
  • Encourages civic responsibility.
  • Above all makes a difference.


  • Be a point of contact for local community on cemetery matters.
  • Facilitate fund raising efforts for day-to-day maintenance and other infra-structure projects.
  • Keep local community abreast of cemetery needs.
  • Create awareness about the final destination among community.

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