Ensure cemetery services are accessible to all Muslims at a minimal cost by raising adequate funds through the support of Muslim community to accomplish our mission.


  • The cost for a burial plot for an adult is $500.
  • The cost for a burial plot for a child 12 and under is $150.
  • If the loved ones of the deceased have financial constraints the cost of burial plot is waived - No questions asked.

Transportation and Grave Preparation:
Grave standard size is 6' X 4' feet in accordance with Muslim Cemetery Master Plan.
For transportation and digging of grave - Please contact

Rahma Funeral Home
7810 W. Spring Valley Rd. Dallas, TX 75254
Tel: 877-526-2924 or 972-386-0383
Fax: 972-386-0388

Ghusal Arrangements:
The Islamic Centers listed below provide volunteers (both Male and Female) to bath the deceased according to Islamic principles. The cloth material (kafan) to wrap the deceased body is also available at no charge at the Islamic Centers listed below. Also, the Richardson Masjid has published the following brochure that outlines the various procedures to follow after the death of a loved one:

What to Do When a Loved One Departs?

Helpful Documents:
MC Guide to Muslim Funeral
MC Guide to Muslim Burial
MC Guide to Namaz-e-Janazah

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